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PPP & WCC is dedicated to the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.  God has blessed us with this facility and it is the desire of PPP & WCC to use it to honor Him as we serve the membership, the neighborhood, and the community.

The use of the facilities has been approved by our Spiritual Leaders and will be made available to members, individuals or groups desiring to use the facilities.

The use of the facility and equipment shall be confined to Christian organizations, educational and service agencies, and other character building groups whose work and purpose is in harmony with the purpose and vision as determined by PPP & WCC leadership.   It is our desire that the property and facility that God has entrusted to us be used to serve the cause of Jesus Christ, His people, our neighbors, and our community. We want this property to experience maximum use for the greatest service according to our vision statement.

Church use will be for weddings, funerals, limited personal events and limited community activities.  In case of conflict in scheduling, church functions will take priority.  A scheduled event may have to be cancelled or rescheduled in the case of an emergency.

For your convenience, policies and documents are available for your review.