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Internet Ministry


Mt 28:19,20  Isa 52:7

Ministry Leader:  Bro. Dennis Carpenter

Social Media & Blog: Bro. Marek Allen

MISSION: To utilize the internet to evangelize, educate, and edify. To promote and establish contact and fellowship with all members of the body.

 GOAL: To provide and maintain an effective ministry through web presence.


  • Thorough proofreading, editing, and maintenance for professional representation of PPP&WCC on the web.
  • Receive and process input from all Church ministries.
  • Consistent and quick response to all inquiries and input from Contact forms.
  • Post current and accurate announcements and activities information including posting to Facebook.
  • Meet all technical requirements for PhilaPrayer.org.

All pages can be translated online into any of over 50 languages.

About Us: Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Church Motto, Church Name Acrostic, Sermons 

Church History:  Significant dates and events in Church history.

Blog:  Special Messages. Schedule and event changes and reminders.

Sermons: Recent Sermons delivered at PPP&WCC

Schedule of Church Services: Standard Sunday Schedule, Order of Service Breakdown. Holy Communion Information.

Announcements: Sunday Program Announcements, Church Calendar, Special Events flyers and notifications

Staff: Pastoral and Ministerial Staff listing

Leadership: Definitions, Descriptions, Responsibilities of Church Servant/Leaders

Ministries: Summary descriptions of various Church ministries.

New Members/Orientation: Responsibilities of Church Leaders and Members, Mission, Motto, Vision & Foundation Scriptures, Order of Service, What Is Expected of Church Members, Church Contact Information

Evangelism: Mission and Vision statements, Training, Tract and Resource links, Donation link. Web evangelism information.

Community Outreach: Events, Education, Training Information and Support For The Community

Classes: Descriptions and Schedules for all Church classes.

Bible Study: Praise Bible Institute information and bibliography. Direct link to Correctbible.com for Bible book & Subject studies.

Young Adult Ministry: Mission Statement, Vision Quest

Directions: Printable directions and maps to the church for local and long distance. Weather and Donation links.

Contact Us: Complete church contact information and a form for comments, requests, and suggestions.

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Pr 6:6-8  Ecc 11:1,2  1Ti 6:10 Mt 25:14-30 Lk 19:12-26

Ministry Leader:  Bro. Dennis Carpenter

 MISSION: To monitor, safeguard, and optimize the material assets of the church, and to do so according to Scripture.

 GOAL: To establish and maintain controls, procedures and processes to ensure compliance with Scripture and with the world. To sow, reap, and harvest the seed provided by God to further His kingdom.


  • Accurate recordkeeping of receipts and disbursements.
  • Interaction with vendors and service providers.
  • Ensuring 501(c)(3) IRS compliance.
  • Reporting to Board and membership.
  • Bill paying and expense reimbursements.
  • Approval of certain expenditures.
  • Maintenance of office and equipment.
  • Rejection of funds from unacceptable sources.
  • Issuance of statements, donation letters, tax documents, etc. as required.
  • Fostering an atmosphere of confidence and trust.

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Technical / Recording Ministry

Mk 13:10  1 Th 1:8

Ministry Leader:  Bro. Dennis Carpenter

MISSION: To help spread the word and optimize ministry.

GOAL: To provide the highest possible quality live and recorded audio and visual output.


  •  Recording, Editing, Duplication, and Distribution of tape, CD, DVD and MP3 media.
  •  To operate a self-supporting ministry by exercising sound financial stewardship over all materials and equipment.
  • Establish appropriate procedures for equipment usage.
  • To actively seek opportunities to assist all other ministries in the Church.
  • Organize and maintain sermon archives.
  • Record and upload sermons and selected presentations to the Internet.
  • Identify and address special requirements for guest choirs and speakers.
  • Clean and maintain all Audio/Visual equipment.
  • Preparation, assistance and advice for internal and external presentations.
  • Training and cross-training on all equipment and procedures.
  • Procure and produce necessary ancillaries (Labels, discs, etc.)

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Administrative Support Ministry

Ephesians 6:7, 8

Ministry Leader:  Sis. Norma Carpenter

MISSION: To support the Pastor, Co-Pastor, and the ministry helping to ensure the ministry flows smoothly.

GOAL: To provide administrative duties deemed necessary for the advancement of the ministry with integrity, commitment, confidentiality, and a spirit of excellence.


  • Maintain church calendar
  • Maintain correspondence between churches
  • Screen and route phone calls, emails to appropriate ministry
  • Preparation of weekly Sunday bulletin
  • Maintain accurate membership records
  • Order church supplies
  • Schedule and attend Board and General Church meetings and record minutes
  • Typing of flyers, programs, etc. for all ministries
  • Coordinate logistics for Pastor & Co-Pastor

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Chosen 300 Ministry

Matthew 25:35-40

Ministry Leader - Sis. Patricia Greene

MISSION: To be an active member of the Chosen 300 Alliance and serve God’s people by feeding them both spiritually and physically.

GOAL: Provide a comfortable atmosphere (Through a smile, word, gesture, prayer, etc.) where God can enter and minister to everyone. Provide a concise, powerful spirit-filled message from the Word of God and a complete nutritious and economical meal bi-monthly on the 4th Friday for 280-325 people.


  • Message: Minister or Deacon to give 5-10 minute message including blessing the food, relevant scripture, and extending the invitation to discipleship.
  • Praise & Worship: Participate in praise & worship, lead songs or testimony, pray with individuals as needed.
  • Food: Shop, prepare and cook at church.  Prep food for serving at site.
  • Service: Help with prep at site, prepare site for meal, serve food to guests and assist with clean-up.
  • Security: Provide a safe environment for members at the church and feeding sites by manning key locations and diffusing situations quickly. Assist with clean-up and transportation of items.

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Ushers Ministry

Matthew 5:15, 16

Ministry Advisor: Bro. Michael Robinson

Ministry Leader: Sis. Catrina Allen

MISSION: Serve and assist our Pastors, and all Worshipers who enter our Church. It is our goal to be hospitable and friendly, and to express love and encouragement, to our members and guests during our worship experience.

GOAL: As first line greeters we work to accomplish our goals with dignity, decently, and in order. Our profile has a great impact on God’s House and how we and our church are perceived in doing God’s work.


  • Attend Bible Study and Sunday school on a regular basis.
  • Be properly dressed and willing to serve whenever called upon.
  • Greet worshipers with a pleasant smile.
  • Seat and provide worshipers entering the church with programs and make them as comfortable as possible.
  • Respond to worshiper’s reasonable request.
  • Provide information and direction to worshipers when required, i.e.,offering, prayer, communion.
  • Observe all activities occurring in and around the church,
  • Resolve issues in a proper manner so as to not disrupt the Church Service.
  • Maintain a profile of spirituality, love, and obedience at all times.

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 God’s House Ministry

Haggai 1: 2-4, 8

Ministry Leader: Bro. Marvin Porter

MISSION: Enhance the appearance and maintain the value of the property by providing repairs and renovation.

GOAL: To bring glory to God through the care and improvement of His house.


  • Identify current and future needs and desires for the facility within available funds.
  •  Implement a strategy of repair and renovation.
  • Enhance the interior and exterior appearance of the facility.
  • Provide direction and assistance in the proper use, space, and storage within the facility.
  • Determine equipment and furnishing needs and make approved purchases.
  • Define projects, tasks, and submit budget requests to Pastoral staff.
  • Provide support services to the Facilities Ministry.

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Diaconate Ministry

Exodus 17:10-13  Acts 6:1-7

Ministry Leader: Deacon Ray Lassiter

MISSION: To support the Pastor & Co-Pastor in the edification and overall unity of the Church.

 GOAL: To help the members grow spiritually and naturally.


  • To provide active leadership and service wherever and whenever needed in furtherance of the Church’s mission.
  • To visit the sick.
  • To assist and pray for members in time of bereavement.
  • Prepare and serve Communion.
  • To assist in baptisms.
  • To promote spiritual growth among the membership through example, communication and guidance.
  • Provide support to all Church ministries.

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Interpreter's Ministry

Isaiah 29:18

 Ministry Leaders: Deaconess Pat Hester & Sis. Brenda Wilburn

silentblessings.org        deafworldministries.com         deafinc.com

MISSION: To spread God’s Word to the deaf community so that they too will know the joy of the Lord and the gift of eternal life.

 GOAL: To receive and send God’s Word in the language of those who hear with their eyes.


  • To accurately present the preached Word to any and all hearing impaired members or visitors.
  • To pray for God’s anointing on our ears and hands for service.
  • To be prepared and present whenever needed for Church services and other activities.
  • To lead periodic interpretation classes.

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Hospitality Ministry

1 Peter 4:9

Ministry Leader: Sis. Vicky Washington

  MISSION: To serve God and the Church with Grace.

  GOAL: Be of service to others as unto the Lord.


  • Coordinate with Pastor & Co-Pastor on menus for various functions.
  • Work with Finance Ministry on costs and necessary paperwork.
  • To shop for the church in a cost-effective manner.
  • To work closely with the Chosen 300 Ministry leader to procure and prepare meals.
  • Maintain a shelf ready pantry.
  • To implement the set-up, serving, clean up, etc. of the Fellowship Hall.
  • Schedule and attend any required meetings.
  • Provide support to all Church ministries.

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Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Isaiah 62:6

Ministry Leader: Min. Truemanna Carpenter

Young Adult Ministry Prayer Line: Sunday & Wednesday nights at 9:00 PM (Eastern) - (712) 432-8399, Code 400198.

MISSION: To maintain 24 hour continuous, vigilant covering prayer.

GOAL: To provide unbroken prayer against the attacks of the enemy: Against the church, the People of God, our Pastors, leaders and the body of Christ.


  • Furnish the ministry with dedicated workers who love God and God’s people.
  • Adjust schedules as necessary to fit the needs of intercessors.
  • Ensure 24 hour coverage on a daily basis.
  • Maintain an open line at all times for emergencies and sound an alarm when needed.

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Evangelism Ministry

Matthew 28:18-20

Ministry Leader: Min. Truemanna Carpenter

MISSION: To spread the Word of God and win souls to Christ.

GOAL: To present a concise plan of salvation to the lost through evangelism, street ministry and tracts.


  • Provide classes for those who are interested in evangelizing.
  • Distribute tracts which offer the plan of salvation.
  • Schedule dates for street and door-to-door evangelism.
  • To support Pastor and Co-Pastor in the vision and mission of PPP&WCC: To win souls for Christ and make disciples.

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Choir Ministry

Psalm 92:1-4

Ministry Leaders: Sis. Jacqueline Mack, Bro. Douglas M. Carpenter, Jr.

MISSION: To exalt God by lifting our hearts and voices in song. Celebrating God with thanksgiving in the service of the Lord.

 GOAL: To edify the body of Christ with the expression of love and joy through song.


  • To sing songs of praise and worship in the service of the Lord.
  • Selection, arrangement and rehearsal of spiritual songs.
  • To use our talents in support of the importance of God through music.
  • To accompany and support our Pastors whenever called upon.

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Christian Education Ministry

Hosea 4:6; 2Tim. 2:15, 3:16

 Ministry Leaders: Pastor & Co-Pastor Carpenter

              Adult Bible Study         Bro. Dennis Carpenter

                                         Pre-Bible Study Course         Co-Pastor Carpenter/Bro. Raymond Lassiter

                                                                    Rev. Terrance & Robin Woods  

   Youth Bible Study         Sis. Pamela Reid

                     Sunday School           Deaconess Maxine Smith

          Vacation Bible School       

Class Descriptions & Schedules

MISSION: To ensure that each person/member has the privilege of being taught the Word of God in a responsible systematic rightly-divided manner.

GOAL: To provide effective Sunday school, Bible classes, New Member/Orientation classes and other approved classes for all members and ensure that the Word of God is taught and preached effectively.


  • Identify the members who will properly prepare and teach God’s Word as required.
  • Provide the resources and leadership for effective teaching.
  • Ensure that the preaching and teaching is Biblically based and rightly divided through discussion and meetings.
  • Ensure that members are aware of classes and are enrolled/attending classes.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of all teachings in the Church.

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Sistah to Sistah  Ministry

Heb. 10:24, 25

Ministry Leader: Co-Pastor Felisa Carpenter

MISSION: To unite women from all walks of life in  fellowship.

GOAL: To create various social/spiritually based functions and events for women of all walks of life to share information and experiences to encourage and support and assist one another with real life issues.


  • To schedule the development of relevant events and functions on a monthly basis that will interest women and fulfill the mission and goal as stated above.
  •  Identify various women internally and externally to develop and implement relevant and appropriate functions and events that interest women.

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Young Believers In Christ/Teen Ministry

Proverbs 22:6

Ministry Leaders: Sis. Brenda Wilburn, Sis. Jacqueline Mack, Sis. Pamela Reid

 MISSION: To develop faithful, spiritual God-fearing young Christians for the church, home, community and society.

 GOAL: To provide a spiritual and nurturing environment which allows youth to build and enhance a foundation of faith and develop a personal relationship with God.


  •  Teach the youth how to explore Scripture and apply the Word of God to their daily lives.
  • Help them grow in faith during their formative years.
  • Encourage an awareness of God's presence in their lives
  • Teach them how to serve in the Church by participating in the worship service and using their God-given gifts to glorify Him.
  • To promote discipleship through worship, fellowship, drama presentations, and recreation to build a solid relationship with God and others.
  • Sponsor workshops to aid in developing college preparation and future employment and leadership skills.
  • Teach lessons on conflict resolution.
  • Serve as mentors.
  • Demonstrate how to experience the joy of serving others and the Lord.

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Mothers' Board

Proverbs 31:26-31

Ministry Leader: Mother Almeda Eiland

MISSION: To manifest the attributes of Christ through Godly living.

GOAL: To instill in young mothers and women the care and love associated with the joy and blessings of being a mother.


  •  Assisting young women in making the proper choices in life for the benefit of future generations.
  • To be available to teach, advise, comfort, encourage and serve within the body of Christ.
  • To provide living examples of spiritual maturity for younger women and mothers in particular.
  • To exhibit faith and wisdom throughout the Church.
  • Bless the children and honor the ministers.
  • Supporting the Church Scholarship Fund.
  • Assist Holy Communion and Chosen 300 preparation.
  • Pearls of Praise Dance Ministry for seniors.

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Facilities Ministry

Col. 3:23  Lk. 17:10

Ministry Leader: Bro. Kevin Reid, Sr.

MISSION: To provide upkeep and maintenance to the house of the Lord

GOAL: To provide services in the area of maintenance in God's house to the best of our abilities


  • Establish and implement schedules for periodic maintenance of God’s House.
  • Ensuring minor repairs are addressed.
  • The reporting of all issues to Pastor and Co-Pastor prior to beginning a project.
  • Availability for the opening and closing of the church on designated days.

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Praise & Worship Ministry

Psalms 9:2   Psalms 138:2  

Ministry Leader: Sis. Pamela Reid

MISSION: To usher in the presence of the Lord with praise and worship in preparation for the reception of the word of God.

GOAL: To come before the Lord and the congregation with sincere praise and worship, that He might desire to abide with His people and send a mighty word through His Shepherd.


  • Assure music is prepared prior to service.
  • Select and approve music selections.
  • Assure team members are on time and in place.
  • Facilitate spirit-led meetings.
  • Assure proper attire for entire team.
  • Assure that all members meet requirements for membership.
  • Minister to the Lord through songs of praise and worship as directed by the Shepherd of God's House.

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Good Samaritan Community Outreach Ministry

Luke 10:30-37

Ministry Leader: Rev. Robin E. Woods

MISSION:  To provide resources and outreach services to the congregation and local community.

GOAL:  To provide a myriad of resource information and to be a witness to our congregation and local community by providing assistance to residents through clothing donations, educational classes, and assistance in meeting some basic needs. 


  • Provide informational resources related to health, finances, housing, education, employment, etc. for the congregation and local community.
  • To actively work in conjunction with the diaconate ministry to assist in meeting the needs of our congregation and local community.
  • To annually conduct workshops and educational seminars for the community and congregation.
  • To annually engage in an outreach activity in support of other community engagement organizations.
  • To host a Community Outreach Day as a means of connecting the community and congregation to pertinent service providers.
  • To establish an annual clothing drive and deliver the same to an identified population.

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One Flesh Christian Marriage and Engaged Couples Ministry

 Genesis 2:18-24      1 Cor. 13

 Ministry LeadersRev. Dr. Terrance M. & Rev.  Robin E. Woods

Marriage Ministry Retreat

MARRIAGE POLICY  Because God has ordained marriage and defined it as the covenant relationship between a man, a woman, and Himself, the Philadelphia Prayer, Praise & Worship Center Church, Inc. (PPP&WCC) will only recognize marriages between a biological man and a biological woman. Further, the pastors, ministers and staff of  PPP&WCC shall only participate in weddings and solemnize marriages between one man and one woman. Finally, the facilities and property of PPP&WCC shall only host weddings between one man and one woman.

MISSION: To provide encouragement and enrichment through spiritual guidance and education to married and engaged couples resulting in better coping and functioning  hence edifying God, church, and our communities.

GOAL: To provide opportunities for Christian married and engaged couples to enrich their marriages through engagement in biblical studies, educational workshops, retreats, and social events.


  • Maintain regular prayer and intercession for married and engaged couples.
  • Maintain regular fellowship with married and engaged couples with the hope of establishing a support circle.
  • Create and establish appropriate workshops, seminars, and utilize other pertinent tools to build upon our knowledge of marital commitment based on biblical precepts.
  • Identify and biblically address special needs for married and engaged couples related to trauma, blended families, parenting issues, finances, and other salient issues that may arise in a family environment.  
  • Work with other Christian ministry and support groups to address needs of this ministry.
  • Develop and organize events for married and engaged couples that will foster deepening relationships with couples.

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Kirkbride Ministry

Romans 12:1, 2

Ministry Leaders: Sis. Pat Greene & Min. True Carpenter

MISSION: To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are temporarily in an incapacitated state, that they might receive Him as Lord and Savior and be delivered from the enemy.

GOAL: To provide a comfortable and challenging environment for the residents of the Kirkbride Center to promote healing and deliverance.


  • Deliver relevant Spirit-filled messages for each worship service.
  • Ensure adequate staffing, equipment and materials for orderly service.
  • Coordinate Sunday School teaching assignments.
  • Maintain a solid working relationship with the Kirkbride staff and management. 
  • Provide follow-up ministry for current and former residents through prayer, counseling, resources and referrals.
  • Conduct additional Outreach Ministry during the week. Thursday night Families Forward Shelter Ministry and Bible Study.

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Pastoral Support Ministry

Matthew 20:28         Acts 6:2-4

Ministry Leader: Sis. Areina Brown

 MISSION: To serve the Shepherds of this House willingly and faithfully with love and humility.

GOAL: To encourage, strenghten and meet the needs of the Pastor and Co-Pastor.


  •  Relieve the Pastor & Co-Pastor of tasks not related to their ministry.
  • Accompany and serve Pastor & Co-Pastor when they preach at other churches.
  • Maintain the pastoral garments.
  • Supply and serve adequate refreshment when needed. 
  • Coordinate special days and other demonstrations of appreciation from the congregation.
  • Hold periodic meetings of the Support Ministry workers.

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Adam To Adam Men's Ministry

1 Corinthians 15:20-22, 45

Ministry Leader: Bro. Marek Allen

MISSION: To restore, rebuild and re-crown the men of God.

GOAL: To be men of purpose, prayer, position, persistence and participation.


  • Educate, energize and edify the men of the Church.
  • Hold regular review and planning meetings.
  • Coordinate and supervise events and activities.
  • Develop fellowship with other men's ministries. 
  • Bring new Church members into the ministry.
  • Obtain and utilize contact information for non-members interested in the ministry.

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Praise Dance Ministry

Psalms 149:3

Ministry Leader: Min. Shonna McBreen

MISSION: To give praise and glory to God and encourage the people of God through dance.

GOAL: To enhance the atmosphere of worship through dance.


  •  Choose appropriate musical selections.
  • Provide Spirit-filled choreography.
  • Maintain a regular schedule of rehearsals.
  • Coordinate with Technical Ministry as necessary. 
  • Be prepared whenever called upon.

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Young Adult Ministry

Joel 2:28

 Ministry Leader: Sis. Dominique Johnson, Sis. Atinuke Akinasso

Prayer Line: 515-739-1537 ext. 8046 Journeytoabetteryou.info@gmail.com

MISSION: Fulfilling destiny by helping Young Adults recognize and pursue their vision.

GOAL: The manifestation of  Habakkuk 2:2 - And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.


  •  Assist in identifying the spiritual gifts of Young Adult believers.
  • Prayerline coverage.
  • Leading 4th Sunday Worship service.
  • Supporting 2nd Sunday Kirkbride Service. 
  • Assist and edify other church ministries as necessary.

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